Cost of Dental Implants


When comparing the cost of dental implants to other tooth replacement methods, such as dentures and bridges, dental implants last two to three times longer (over 25 years). Dentures and bridges may be initially less expensive, but dental implants are the better investment in the long run. Simply put, dental implants, when properly placed and cared for, can last for years, even decades.

Jaw Bone Health

What is the price of going without dental implants? Since the jaw bone deteriorates as soon as a tooth is lost, damage is being done underneath the surface to the jaw bone and ultimately to the structure of the face. However, dental implants can prevent the distortion of the shape of a person’s face and additional cosmetic costs down the road because they integrate with the jaw bone and stimulating bone growth.

Quality of Life

The dietary restrictions and embarrassing moments that typically accompany dentures and bridges are not a part of the dental implant package. In fact, in terms of quality of life, dental implants give you back the ability to eat, laugh and smile with confidence. Priceless.

Financing for Dental Implants

We encourage you to make an appointment with us, so we can help you navigate your dental insurance and discover what portion, if any, of dental implant placement is covered. We understand that everyone’s budget varies, but we also know that dental implants are a crucial investment in your health as well as your appearance, so we want to do all we can to help you get the smile you deserve. Click here to view our financing information in further detail.

Schedule Your Consultation

The only way to receive an accurate price quote is to call us and come in for a consultation, and we can give you a specific price for your case. Please call us at Tacoma Office Phone Number 253-473-0651 for our Tacoma office and Puyallup Office Phone Number 253-799-1525 for our Puyallup office to schedule your consultation.