Immediate Dental Implants

What Are Immediate Dental Implants?

Immediate dental implants, same-day dental implants, or TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ are tooth replacement methods that combine the implant placement and restoration procedures into a single-day appointment. Traditional implant and restoration placements occur over two appointments, separated by a few months. For eligible patients, immediate dental implants significantly reduce the number of appointments and overall timeline of the procedure.

Unlike a standard tooth implant placement, immediate dental implant procedures combine the preliminary tooth extraction and subsequent implant placement into the same procedure. So, in a single day, you can walk in with your old smile and walk out with a new restoration.

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TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ is a treatment that involves replacing the entire top or bottom row of teeth with a full-mouth permanent prosthetic. Dr. Wightman and Dr. Slovan place four to six implants in your jawbone and attach a temporary prosthetic, all in a single day. If you have significant damage to or are missing most or all your teeth, TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ can restore your full oral function in just a few hours.

Will it Really Only Take One Day to Get Dental Implants?

Many patients believe that immediate dental implants mean that the entire treatment takes place over a single day. TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ is a process involving several preliminary appointments that lead up to the day of your implant placement and temporary restoration procedure. The placement procedure is followed by several months of healing before you return for your final restoration placement.

Before The Dental Implant Procedure – Consultation

Many patients are intrigued with the idea of immediate dental implants, but for some, it is not the best treatment option. If you are interested in same-day tooth implants, the first step is to consult with Drs. Wightman and Slovan. During your initial appointment, Drs. Wightman and Slovan will use 3D imaging and X-ray scans to assess the state of your jawbone, teeth, and overall oral health.

Final Restorations

On the day of your TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ or immediate dental implant procedure, you receive a temporary restoration that serves as a place-holder. After the implants heal and fuse with the jawbone, they support a final restoration that permanently replaces the visible parts of your teeth. A final restoration crown replaces individual teeth, while an implant-supported bridge or denture replaces multiple adjacent teeth.