Patient Review

The first visit was just an xray after being referred to them by my general dentist. It was really quick, took no time at all. Paperwork given to me by staff took the longest part. I did do patient registration beforehand so it was easy for them to have my information already. At the end of that visit, I asked about the next available date for surgery and they said it could be in the next week, so I told them Fridays are best for me. About and hour later, they called and asked if the next Friday was good (which it was). Obviously, they are accomodating and listen to what the patient wants too. For the second visit (surgery) I came in with my family (driver is disabled) and the parking lot on the top has disability spots. There is an elevator which was close by so that was easy, however the hallway was a bit long, wish there was a bench but right inside were some chairs so it worked out. I was scheduled early in the morning and paid and check in was great. It didnt take long at all. The surgical assistant (Rebecca, I believe) was jovial and took her time to explain things to me, and if I had any questions. I think she was able to match my vibe as well because I wasnt nervouse, and I like things to be straight to the point. She was great. She also found my vein for sedation and was quite quick about putting in the iv. Dr Wightman, was very professional and came in after her and gave me a quick summary about what he was going to do and asked if I had questions too. I didnt and like I said he matched me well, so things were efficient. After I had the IV going, I dont remember much except being helped out to the car haha. At home, I am doing just fine and its actually not painful so I think this procedure for wisdom teeth removal (all 4) at 25 years old, was pretty great. Staff and Doctor were excellent, efficient, professional, friendly and seem to have a good relationship with each other in that everyone knows their role. I think they communicate with each other and patients to help be the best they can be. So yes, I would definitely reccommend them to anyone who has dental issues! 🙂

- Nameme W

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